Medicinal benefits of rare herbs are just as effective as common herbs

John Charles medicinal herb taken in my yardJohn Charles Herb

Rare herbs are medicinal plants that are not popular to most people.  They are hardly known and so the utilization of these plants are sometimes lost among the more popular ones. 

However, the health benefits are just as effective for those who are ailing from various diseases.  They can prevent, treat as well as cure different conditions.  These herbs are just my choice that I found in the rare category.

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Listed below are some rare herbs

Brides Tears (Antigonon leptopus) medicinal herb:  It is native to Mexico and is commonly found in Jamaica, Bahamas, Florida as well as Latin America. 

The main parts used are the flowers and the leaves and these are used as health benefits as well as herbal remedy for diabetes, cold and coughs. 

Tubers are found at the root and these may be cooked and eaten as vegetable. 

The common names are san diego, flor de san miguel, coral vine as well as queen's wreath. 

A tea or a decoction can be made from brides tears herb and used accordingly.

Bitter orange extract is a medicinal herb that is not very popular.  However, it is gaining grounds in popularity as well as its health benefits. 

It is also referred to as Zhu Qiao and also Zhi Shi and the extract is taken from the Citrus Aurantium (sour orange or Seville orange) plant. 

The medicinal properties are anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial.

It may aid in weight loss and also boost thermogenesis.  However, take with caution as it is recorded that this rare herb may raise blood pressure and also heart rate.

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Broom weed (Spartium scoparium) medicinal herb:  Jamaican broom weed is known as an herbal medicine mostly by the elders. 

However, with the interest in natural herbs, it is now been in the open, even for the young ones to understand. 

The health benefits are primarily gained from the tea which can strengthen the heart by slowing it down and thereby decreasing high blood pressure. 

It can also enhance the flow of urine as well as it is very good for treating edema, colic as well as gonorrhea. 

One of its main constituents is sparteine sulfate which can decrease the diastolic and systolic pressure in the heart.

Donkey weed (Stylosanthes Hamata) is another rare medicinal herb that can be both perennial or annual. 

Although it is native to the Americas, it is also grown in Jamaica.  It can be used to feed animals and no doubt got that name because of that purpose. 

It can be used to treat some ailments such as fever, kidney conditions and dizziness.  

Some mothers use it to remedy teething in babies and it can be also used to treat arthritis. 

The sap from donkey weed bush can eradicate moles, warts and other skin conditions.

It is also referred to as Cheesy toes, Pencil flower as well as Lady's ginger and the tea can be sweetened with honey, sugar or milk. 

Some men are convinced that as a tonic it can be an aphrodisiac.

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Fresh cut (Dianthera Pectoralis) can be classed as one of the rare herbs that is very useful in treating cuts, bruises and wounds. 

It probably got its name from these uses.  The main parts used are the leaves and a combination of the crushed leaves with white rum may be used as a plaster to fresh cuts. 

Fresh cut herbal tea is a good remedy for colds and flu and baby's colic.  It is also a very good eye wash.  A common name for fresh cut herb is garden balsam.

John Charles (Cordia globosa) medicinal herb is planted in my backyard.  The tea a very good treatment for the common cold.  It is also called black sage and gout tea.

Piaba (Hyptis pectinata) medicinal herb is one of those rare herbs that is very good to treat tonsillitis.  The leaves are the main parts used as herbal medicine. 

It can also be used as a treatment for fever, headache, colds, aches and pains, stomach conditions and for ladies who are in labor.  It is also health benefit for children who suffer from roundworms.

For tonsillitis, use the juice extracted from the leaves to spread over the tonsils.  This procedure can be done with a clean feather or cotton.  The tea made from the leaves is effective for all of the above ailments.

Queen of the meadow (Eupatorium purpureum) is also called by the names gravel root, joe-pye weed, purple boneset, kidney root as well as trumpet weed. 

The medicinal properties are tonic, stimulant, astringent, diuretic and relaxant.  Queen of the meadow is another rare herb to me because it is not well known by many individuals. 

It is an excellent remedy for kidney ailments and it is one of the herbs to treat gravel in the bladder, hence the name, gravel root

It may also be used to treat ailments such as diabetes and Bright's disease.  It is good for female ailments when it is combined with other herbs such as blue cohosh and uva ursi.

Scorn the earth is another rare herb that is grown in the top of some trees and it is believed by individuals that it will lose its effectiveness if it touches the earth, hence the name. 

Scorn the earth tea is used to treat cold, asthma as well as tightness of the chest.  It is one of the rare herbs that is also used as remedy for headaches.

Wild ThymeThere is common thyme and then there is wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum) which is native to Europe. 

Wild thyme is also grown in the Caribbean and some people use it as herbal remedies.  It has been around for thousand of years and is used to treat various ailments. 

Some of the ailments that may be treated by wild thyme is excessive menstruation, hemorrhage, headaches, respiratory conditions as well as muscular aches and pains.  

Wild thyme is one of the rare herbs that may be used as a tonic. 

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