Rock rose medicinal herb essential oil is primarily used for medicinal purposes

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Rock rose (Helianthemum canadense) medicinal herb is a beautiful perennial plant native to the eastern United States. Some of its medicinal properties are tonic, astringent, alterative as well as aromatic and it is of the Cistaceae family.

The constituents are volatile oil, diterpene alcohol, tannin, globulol, viridiflorol, sesquiterpene alcohols as well as ketones.

The common names are Cistus, Frost weed, Sun rose, Frostwort, Frost plant, Rockrose as well as Scrofula plant. 

The dried herb is primarily used to treat various conditions.  I wondered at times if this is the same plant that is used as a description for Jesus.  It is also mentioned in the Book of Solomon.

The plants are so beautiful that they were broadly used and harvested as ornamental plants. 

They brought an uplifting and bright feeling and of course flowers decoration to any place including the homes.  It is said that this herb is good for the mind, body and soul.

Health benefits of rock rose herb

The health benefits of rockrose includes the herbal treatment for extreme anxiety.  Anxiety that reaches to the point of terror and panic. 

This happen to many people worldwide and these individuals, I am sure, would love to get rid of anxiety or anxiety attacks.  Just the odor that radiates from the roses can quell and alleviate anxiety.

Seeing that it is referred to as scrofula plant, it is clear that it is used to treat the ailment, scrofula.  It has been used as herbal remedy for this particular ailment for hundred of years. 

For tumors and ulcers associated with scrofula a poultice made from the leaves of this medicinal herb may be placed on them for treatment. 

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary online, the meaning of scrofula is tuberculosis of the lymph nodes especially in the neck region. 

It is also an excellent remedy for gonorrhea, diarrhea, scarlatina, sore throat and cancer.

It is one of the Twelve Healer flower essences

It is part of the Twelve Healer flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach which include impatiens, vervain, gentian, chicory, mimulus, clematis, agrimony, centaury, water violet, and scleranthus. 

These represent the imbalances that he saw of the twelve archetypal personality types.


Simmer one teaspoonful of this medicinal herb in a cup of water for ten minutes.  Cool, strain and take four to six large swallows of rock rose tea.

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Updated March 6, 2020

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