Search me heart medicinal herb is good to treat mucous congestion

Search me heart medicinal herb: By Daderot (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsSearch me Heart

Search me heart (Rytidophyllum tomentosum) medicinal herb is an endemic Jamaican plant.  It is native to Jamaica and is found only in Jamaica according to records.  I grew up hearing this name like forever because my grandmother was always talking about this particular plant. 

As the name suggests, she said it was the best medicinal herb for the heart as she referred to it as heart medicine. 

Some folks referred to it as the heart tonic.  It is now a national treasure in Jamaica.

Other common names are Search-mi-heart, Search-me-heart and Search-my-heart as well as Rytidophyllum tomentosum.  

It is from the family Gesneriaceae and it is one of the traditional aromatic herbs that really has a place in Jamaican history.  

The main parts used as herbal medicine are the leaves.

Constituents include flavonoids, tannins, phenolic compounds and polyphenols and two of its medicinal properties are antioxidant and tonic.

Health benefits of search me heart medicinal herb

Search-me-heart is an excellent medicinal herb to treat problems of the stomach, colds, pains in the chest and the heart. 

The leaves may be made into a decoction to treat these ailments.

Search-me-heart was used and is still used as a very excellent tonic or a revitalizing beverage, especially for the heart.  it also has antioxidant properties.

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If by any chance an individual had to go into the woods and this medicinal plant is found nearby, then the leaves may be used as a substitute for toilet paper. 

The reason is that the texture of the leaves are very soft and have a cotton-like touch to them.

Seeing that it is not common, purchasing of this herb might be rare.  However, it would be good to check any herbal shop for more information.

Healthy heart

A healthy heart is very vital to one's health.  Natural remedies, like search my heart medicinal herb may aid in doing just that. 

We should not wait for our hearts to get bad before we begin treating it to keep it healthy.

Many of us do not practice it, but we should take the time out to know about our hearts and various ways in which we can keep them healthy. 

However, always be reminded that a doctor is first priority when it comes to your heart.  Search me heart is just a minuscule step of keeping it healthy. 

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