Self-styled Herbalist At Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant

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Picture With Self-Styled Herbalist at Little Ochie

Picture With Self-Styled Herbalist at Little Ochie

I went on a couple's tour to Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant in Alligator Pond, Manchester, Jamaica, where I met a self-styled herbalist. I never expected to meet an herbalist there but I did and that made my day very exceptional. The reason for this is that my passion for anything herbal is always foremost.

Amidst the excitement of waiting for our cook to order fried, steamed and or jerked fish with side orders of bammy and or festivals, we listened to our new found self-styled herbalist who spoke of his various experiences in the world of herbs.

While we drank fish soup, he told us of how he suffered from stage 4 cancer. He was however, miraculously healed by using various medicinal herbs to treat himself due to the failure of many chemotherapy treatments.

He had many bottles of herbal tonic and herbal detox on sale. One bottle that my husband purchased contained a mixture of medina medicinal herb and Irish moss.

As we listened attentively to his exuberance outpouring of his knowledge of his bottled herbal products and the various diseases that can be cured from consuming these natural medicines, tourists and locals stopped by to purchase their own herbal tonic. I had to come to the conclusion that he was a very good salesman.

When I relayed my experiences of medicinal herbs and that I am an owner of an herbal website, he was very enthused and excited and the chit chat was extended.

Finally our prepared meal was served and we settled down to partake of one of the most delicious meals, blended with the finest herbs and spices, at Little Ochie Sea Food Restaurant.

A combination of food, fun, fellowship, scenery over looking the sea, fishermen pulling in their catch, vendors and last but not least, our self-styled herbalist, it was an unforgettable event.

Just before we embarked on our journey back home, we basked in the beautiful sunset, which suggested that it was coming to the end of this beautiful day. We said goodbye to our self-styled herbalist and look forward to another visit to Little Ochie Sea Food Restaurant.

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