Some sexual herbs are used as natural alternative to Viagra

Ram goat dash along or damiana taken by me in my community!

Sexual herbs

A very wide variety of sexual drugs are used to enhance and promote sexual desire, also referred to as libido.  For some reasons, many individuals have lost interest in sex.  Although hormone deficiency as well as depression are blamed some times, there are various other causes that are responsible in the lost of sexual feelings. 

However, medicinal herbs today are widely accepted to improve sexual desire and performance.  These are referred to as natural herbal stimulants and herbal libido boosters. 

Some of the known herbal Aphrodisiacs are Spanish fly, anchovies, licorice, Ra-moon, and Irish moss.  Aphrodisiac is named after Aphrodite who was the Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love.

My fore parents would probably be petrified if they could come back from the graves and see humans using chemical drugs for sexual performance.  They knew nothing of this type of drugs, excepting for the medicinal herbs that they used.

Lack of libido is common in both men and women.  For men, some of the causes are consumption of alcohol, excessive consumption of certain drugs, two being cocaine and smoking of ganja, diabetes, prescribed drugs, stress, anxiety, poor diet, problems in a relationship as well as past abuse.

In regards to women these are similar causes to men, excepting in the case of postpartum depression, which is related to serious psychological behavior after having a baby.  This can really create havoc in a woman's sex drive if it is not treated.

There are lots of treatment on the market and many are attracted by these which might bring some result but with serious consequences.  The inability to be sexually aroused can drive a person to utilize some of these treatments and so make matters even worst.

List of medicinal sexual herbs

There are lots more medicinal herbs for libido, but the following ones are those that I am well acquainted with due to the testimonies of close friends.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium):  This is a Chinese herb which is also referred to goat sex herb.   This medicinal herb has been around for hundred of years and has been utilized as a sexual plant and it may be used by both men and women.

Maca:  This medicinal herb is highly rated by both male and female as a significant enhancer to promote libido.  Health benefits are initially found in the pounded or powdered roots. A tonic made from the root may be used as an aphrodisiac which was practiced by people in ancient times.

Damiana:  This medicinal herb is also called ram goat dash along or ram goat national.  It is seen as one of the sexual herbs because it can enhance libido in both men and woman.  It is commonly known in Jamaica as having benefits that can help to reignite the sex drive.  It can help in the condition of low sperm count and may be used as an alternative to chemical drugs for libido.

Garlic: Can you believe that garlic medicinal herb is counted among the sexual herbs? Some people refuse from using it because of its odor.  However, they should think again, they are missing out on a lot of health benefits that may very well be the cure to their ailments.  Seeing that it has anti-fungal and antiviral activities, it is able to treat most of the organs in the body by killing bacteria and of course will result in revived stamina.  This medicinal herb has the capability of regulating the blood flow which will be able to aid in sexuality.

Annatto:  This may sound surprising, but annatto medicinal herb is a good remedy to improve the sexual drive.  This medicinal is also very good to treat menopause conditions.

Ashwagandha:  This medicinal herb promotes libido and it is known as one of the best aphrodisiacs. It is also one of the best sexual herbs used to improve feminine libido.

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