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Shopping for herbs is not a very easy task, but you will enjoy doing it because of the health benefits that you will derive from them.  When I go shopping for my herbs, I sometimes take hours because I endeavor to read all the fine prints just to make sure of what I am getting for my money.  However, this type of shopping has always been puzzling for many because sometimes the labellings are misleading and you do not want to waste money or end up taking herbal products that are not beneficial.  We need to shop wisely.

It is of utmost importance that the correct dosages and health benefits be labeled on these products to help consumers to decide when purchasing medicinal herbs.  However, this is sometimes mind-boggling because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibited herbal product manufacturers from displaying herbal therapeutic information on labels.   The reason for this according to James Duke, Ph.D is that herbs are deemed to be nutritional supplements and not drugs.

However, online information on various medicinal herbs are available and so this should at least make shopping for herbs a bit easier.  Knowing how to take herbs whether it is written or not written on the labels should be very important because herbs are medicines and every medicine should be taken with precaution.  An individual should know when, how and the period of time that an herb should be taken.  Knowing the dosages are very crucial.

Learn about the side effects

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Therefore before you begin shopping for medicinal herbs always read books, check online and most importantly ask advise from health professionals inclusive of herbalists who have a wealth of knowledge in regards to herbs.  It is also important to know about the side effects of the herbs you shopped for.

Although most herbal remedies are safe, there are limited amount of them that can be dangerous if not used properly as well as they can become very hazardous if taken with some prescription drugs or over the counter drugs.  One such herb to be careful of is poke weed which is used to treat arthritis.  It can result in respiratory paralysis if taken on a continuous basis without a break.

In conclusion, be reminded that herbal remedies are not standardized, so it is very crucial to obey the instructions or directions that are labeled on these products or supplements when you buy them.  Also, it should never be a burden to always check with your health professionals when you decide to go shopping for herbs.

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