Sore Throat And Hoarseness Herbal Remedies

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A sore throat can either be a mild dry itch or a very painful condition. It can start out with an annoying scratchy situation in the throat as well as in the neck. It can also spread to the ears causing unbearable itching and scratching.

Sore throat may be referred to as laryngitis and pharyngitis. Some persons even referred to it as tonsillitis. One of the main causes of a sore throat is a reaction from the immune system to an infection or even an allergen. This reaction can bring about a flood of inflammatory chemicals such as leukotrienes and also histamines. These inflammatory chemicals can really inflame the mucous membranes. When the throat is scorching and filled with phlegm, then just perhaps you have been hit with flu or cold bug from your environs.

Exposures to pollution, toxic waste and strained vocal chords can result in a sore, hoarse, raspy and dry throat. Also, constant habit of smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol can contribute to sore throat and hoarseness.

However, hope is not lost, herbal remedies in the form of medicinal herbs can treat and alleviate sore throat and hoarseness.

Medicinal Herbs To Treat Sore Throat

Medicinal herbs can treat, ease pain and inflammation, aid in healing hoarseness and other throat conditions. Medicinal herbs such as Oregon grape, goldenseal and echinacea are the perfect remedy to boost the immune system. Therefore, these herbs can be very effective to treat
sore throat as a result of flu and cold and they can also give a provisional relief from these ailments.

Another herb that can be very helpful is garlic. It is very good for sore throat due to its ability to combat viruses or bacteria. This is one of my favourites. It is best to have it raw for these conditions. However, because of its offensive odor and the harsh taste many people are afraid to use it. It may be added raw to vegetables or any other dishes you may be consuming. I love to add mine to sandwiches.

Slippery elm and marshmallow which are referred to as mucilaginous herbs can help to remedy sore throat. Blackberry leaves, raspberry and elder flowers are also effective. They will help to soothe an irritated sore throat.

Cayenne pepper will aid in alleviating the pain and the Indian herb, turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent properties will take care of the phlegm. It will get rid of the phlegm and fight infection. Use the turmeric to gargle by preparing one teaspoonful of the powder in one cup of hot water.

Ginger is also a very useful herb to use. Use the tea from the fresh roots or the powder to gargle three times per day.

Make sure to use all of the tea made from above herbs to gargle before consuming. Always be reminded to spit out throat gargles before consuming the tea.

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