Soursop leaves may be used as medicinal herbs

Soursop leaves and soursop fruit

Soursop leaves have many medicinal purposes that can be very beneficial to many individuals. They are frequently used in Jamaica for centuries as natural treatment for various ailments. They are a part of Jamaica's history because the leaves of the soursop trees have been traditionally used in Jamaica for years. The fruit and the leaves are the primary parts that are used as medicine.

Soursop (Annona muricata) is a very important fruit to all Jamaicans.  The soursop juice which is extracted from the white pulp of the fruit is a very effective cancer fighting agent amongst many other herbal remedies.

It is said that the juice is even more effective than chemotherapy.

The juice can also be used to make delicious ice-cream.  I love the juice, especially when it is combined with lime juice.  Some people however prefer to mix it with various types of milk, especially condensed milk.

The soursop is now a very popular fruit and it continues to be a very important herbal remedy, especially for those who suffer with cancer. 

It can also be eaten and it is just as delicious as the soursop juice.

Some of the constituents of the leaves are alkaloid, volatile oil, fatty acids, myricyl alcohol as well as phytosterols.

Health benefits of soursop leaves

The leaves are packed with herbal remedies and they are used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure), worms, colds, fever, coughs, nervousness.  They are also used as tranquilizer because of its calming effect on the whole body.

Therefore, if a person continues to experience insomnia then a cup of the tea may just be the answer. It gives a calming effect and will allow an individual to rest peacefully. It is also used to induce sweating or perspiration.

The Pharmacology Department of the University of the West Indies some years ago published an article in regards to its calming effect on the nerves.  So, the people of Jamaica surely made use of it and continue to do so for these health benefits.

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In recent times the soursop leaf is combined with the guinea hen weed to help combat cancer and to effect a cancer cure. 

Diabetics have also combined the leaves with guinea hen weed and store the tea in refrigerator and consume as you would with pure water.  I spoke with some of them who have testified of feeling much better after consuming it.

Soursop juice is rich in Vitamin C and can be a remedy for children suffering with bladder weakness.

Both the soursop fruit and the leaves are sold in abundance in our food markets.

It is advisable to avoid the seeds taken from the soursop fruit, so make sure to get rid of them.


As mentioned before the tea is very good to treat individuals who have nerves conditions. I personally use three large leaves to at least three cups of boiling water. Then I sweeten one cup with honey and consume.

The remaining amount, allow to cool and store in the refrigerator for future use of soursop leaves tea.

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Updated February 29, 2020


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