Spirit of simple is a habit that should be adopted by herbs lovers

Spirit of simple

Persons may be perplexed and wondering what is simple.  Simple in herbal term is using one herb at a time.  Deriving from simple, there is the simpler which referred to an herbalist who practiced to use one herb at a time instead of combining them.

However, there are many herbalists who practice using herbs in combination.  In my community lives an herbalist who combines herbs all the time for his clients.  I however, rarely combine herbs, so I could be called a simpler, although I am not an herbalist.

The importance of using simples

Due to the fact that many people who use herbal are ignorant to its uses and full benefits, its consumption or even its preparation, it is best to make it simple so everyone who wants to use herbs as their medicine can freely understand it.  I therefore, make my herbal remedies very simple and so do the simplers or herbalists.

Herbs such as peppermint, dandelion, cerasee, moringa, rosemary and much more, I refuse to combine them.  I simply use them on individual purposes to make herbal tea.  It is also wise to keep it simple because there are persons who use prescription drugs and so due care must be taken so as not to fret needlessly about interactions between medicinal herbs and the prescribed drugs they use. I therefore encourage persons to avoid clash and keep safe by using spirit of simple.

Spirit of simple effectiveness

I believe for every symptom, there is herb to remedy that symptom and for every ailment there is an herb to remedy that ailment.  So by all means, for gas in the stomach, peppermint can be used by itself. For high blood pressure then the use of garlic may be used alone as treatment at varying times. The list goes on but the fact of the matter is, spirit simple is vitally important. Some persons may combine them all but singularly, they are just as effective and safer to use.

The reason for this is that each herb has its precise remedy in treating a specific ailment or  disease of the body.  If they were ever combined then that specific or clearly defined remedy for each disease could not be seen.  The frequency of using one herb will determine how good or bad that one herb is or how effective it is.

Three of my favorite herbs are garlic, peppermint and leaf of life.  I have come to rely on them so heavily that I feel lost without them.  I use them one at a time and I see great results, so I am close to them and always have them in my possession. We are emotionally attached with a perfect bond.  I love them and I will continue to practice spirit of simple.

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Updated October 10, 2018

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