Spirit weed medicinal herb is a tonic for persons with poor eating habits

Spirit weed medicinal herbs is a good remedy to treat cold.Eryngium Foetidum

Spirit Weed (Eryngium foetidum) medicinal herb is a plant that is native to South America, Mexico as well as the Caribbean.   It is a very common tropical plant found in the woody areas of Jamaica.  It is widely accepted as a culinary herb and is therefore used as a flavor and herbal preservative for dishes and meats. 

I distinctly remembered my grandmother speaking of and purchasing this herb to use as a spice. It possesses leaves that have thorn-like edges.

I would love the days of using herbal spice to come back in full force.  The use of artificial spice is just too common today.  I refused from using them.  Herbal spice is my specialty since my awareness of the goodness and benefits of herbs.

It is a part of the Apiaceae family and it is an annual as well as a perennial plant. The common names are Eryngium foetidum, Fit weed, Ketumbar jawa, Shadon, Culantro, Chadon, Mexican coriander, E. antihystericum, Stinking shoreweed and Shado Beni.

The whole plant may be used as herbal medicine as well as spice and in some countries, the stems, roots and leaves are eaten raw.

The medicinal properties are essential oil, analgesic, anticonvulsant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory.  Its constituents are ash, carotene, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, riboflavin, protein, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

If you want to grow your own, then it would be wise to purchase the seeds from reputable herbal shops so that you will be getting the correct product.

Health benefits of spirit weed herb

It is used for the treatment of colds, flu, burns, worms, epilepsy (fits), diabetes, pains in the stomach, diarrhea, pains in the ear and constipation.

It is also used for fevers, infertility conditions, hypertension or high blood pressure, asthma, malaria, snake bites as well as scorpion and forty legs bites. 

The crushed medicinal plant may be rubbed all over the body to alleviate fainting spells and the same can be done for epilepsy. This remedy is also good for children.

It is believed that this medicinal herb possesses magical powers to run away duppy (evil spirit.)  So if there ever comes a time when you feel that the evil spirits are taking over your life it may be a very good choice to use spirit weed.  The name alone says it all. 

No, it is not a herb to get you in the spirit but it is good to be used for epilepsy because it has the power to calm one's spirit and to prevent an attack of epilepsy also referred to as fits.  That is the reason this weed is also called fitweed.


Although a decoction and tea can be made from the leaves, to administer the correct dosage, I would advise anyone to purchase the products from herbal suppliers and used spirit weed accordingly.

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Updated February 29, 2020


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