Strong back medicinal herb can cure respiratory ailments

Strong Back

Strong back (Morinda royoc) medicinal herb is a plant or shrub vine that is native to Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands, southern Florida, South America as well as Central America.  It is a perennial vine from the Coffee or Rubiaceae family.

I grew up hearing my elders, especially the men, talking of the medicinal uses of this herb.   It is a traditional folk medicine and the primary parts used as herbal medicine are the berries and root.

The common names are Goat corn, Cheese shrub, Morinda royoc, Redgal, Duppy poison, Mouse's pineapple, Yellow ginger, Yellowroot, Duppy poison and Yaw weed.

This plant with its beautiful white flowers and yellow berries repels persons due to its not so nice odor.  However, it is special in the eyes of butterflies and bees who are so drawn to it.  It is also used as an ornamental plant. 

The medicinal properties are tonic, carminative, antioxidant, digestive, stimulant, antimicrobial and aphrodisiac.  The primary constituents are dichloromethane and anthraquinones.

Health benefits of strong back herb

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is found in the same genus, Morinda.  It might not be so decorative in health benefits as Noni but its uses are just as effective and beneficial. 

Noni juice is used to treat cancer and various other types of ailments.  It is also used to fight infertility in females and it is an excellent energizing and tonic drink.

The uses of Morinda royoc includes promoting vim and vitality.  It can also relax certain muscles of the body such as the muscles of the lungs. 

As the name suggests, it is an effective remedy to strengthen and relax the muscles of the back and to promote healthy love styles. 

The weight of the upper body is supported by the back.  Therefore, the strengthening of both upper and lower back is very crucial to carry out its duty without hassle and pain.

A strong and healthy back result in maintaining the correct posture, smooth and toned muscles.  This is the ideal medicinal herb for having a strong and healthy back.

A well know aphrodisiac in the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica, some men testified that it acts just like horny goat weed

It can improve low libido conditions and physical performance.  These conditions may include, erection problems, premature discharge, sterility and poor sensual performances.

These are primary reasons so many men love this medicinal plant while they deemed it as a very potent tonic.

Strong back medicinal herb is also used to treat jaundice, scurvy, digestive conditions and lumbago.

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Updated  February 29, 2020


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