Sweetsop leaves have been used as herbal remedy in some countries

Sweetsop leaves can alleviate headaches by tying them on the forehead for a period of time.sweetsop Tree

Sweetsop leaves are utilized as medicinal herbs and they are good to prevent fainting.  The sweetsop bark is also used as a strong purgative.

Sweetsop (Annona squamosa) is also called sugar-apple, is one of Jamaica's favourite fruits. It is of the Annonaceae family and it is native to tropical America as well as Asia.  It can be found in California, Florida and the West Indies. 

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It is loved by adults as well as children.  I remembered trying to plant the seeds but was never successful in its growth.  It was easier for me to get a young tree and plant it. 

Maybe you might have better luck than I did if you plant a seed.  However, it would be a wise idea for everyone to have at least a sweetsop tree in the yard.

Sweetsop tree is grown widely in Jamaica and we cannot get enough of the fruit because of its delicious flavour. 

Although, the numerous sugar-apple seeds to be encountered with can be bothersome at times, it is really no problem for us to consume and enjoy the sweet, juicy, white meat, which is my way of describing it.

The sweetsop fruit is good for us and the reason is that it is rich in fiber, vitamins, inclusive of vitamin C and minerals and it can be a great help for those who are constipated because it is has natural laxative effect. 

Sweetsop leaves can alleviate headaches by tying them on the forehead for a period of time.Sweetsop Tree

Health benefits of sweetsop leaves

The tea is good for pains during childbirth.  It is also good for the spleen, colitis, fever, cold, dysentery, high blood pressure (hypertension), digestive conditions and to normalize menstruation. 

When the leaves are combined with tamarind leaves and lignum vitae, it is excellent for skin irritation as well as fever and other skin conditions.  The leaves can also alleviate headaches by tying them on the forehead for a while.

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An extract from the leaves may be used in herbal bath to treat rheumatism and arthritis by minimizing pains cause by these ailments. 

One of the constituents of the leaves is a chemical substance known as chloroplatinate.

When sugar apple leaves are crushed, the odor emanating from it will be able to alleviate hysteria, nausea and fainting spells.  The crushed leaves may also be used to decrease swellings. 

Also, they may be used as mosquito repellant.  This is done by burning the leaves, so the smoke and the odor will keep away mosquitoes.


I usually boil three to four leaves to make tea.  I sometimes get about two cups of tea out of it. 

If you want to store more tea in the refrigerator for future use it would be wise to boil more sweetsop leaves medicinal herbs to get the desired quantity.

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Updated February 13, 2020


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