Toothache Natural Herbal Remedies

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If you never knew this before, well there are lots of medicinal herbs that may be used to alleviate toothache until you visit your doctor. Some of these herbs are calendula, cloves, garlic, yarrow as well as tarragon. These are natural herbal remedies for toothache that will give temporary relief. This is not only current but natural herbs have been traditionally used to alleviate toothache pain. As a matter of fact, for hundred of years this was the primary method of stopping pain and that was the use of herbs.

The utilization of medicinal herbs was adopted by the Native Americans who used the remedy of taking the inner bark derived from the butternut tree and placing it on their gums to alleviate tooth pains. The butternut tree which is related to the black walnut tree is grown in North America.

Yarrow medicinal herb which is native to Europe, Asia as well as North America is one such herb that is used. The root is really the primary part used because it possesses the anesthetic reaction. Just administer the yarrow root that is fresh to either the gum or tooth and it will combat the pain until you see your dentist.

Clove medicinal herb is an evergreen tree which is native to tropical regions but can be found worldwide. The dried flower bud is used as medicine and the oil that is extracted from clove is the remedy for toothache. It will immediately stop the pain and it is seen as one of the best natural remedies for toothache.

Another effective natural remedy is using nutmeg. If there is a cavity in the tooth, grate the nutmeg and use it to stuff the hole. Then use a small piece of cotton to prevent the nutmeg from falling out. I have tried it and it worked for me. This process can be repeated as often as you desire.

Dentists were not as popular as today and so people had to resort to natural sources to ease pains inclusive of toothache. Just the thought of using alcohol to ease the pain and then use pliers to extract teeth was very frightening. However, with the use of modern equipment and popularity of dentists, make it easier to extract teeth.

However, just be reminded that, if there is a delay in going to see the dentist then natural herbs will be able to stop those pains until you arrive.

Updated October 9, 2016

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Oct 09, 2016
Thank You
by: Ann-Marie

Hello Adeniyi Mahmud

Thank you very much for your worthy contribution to the topic, 'Toothache Natural Herbal Remedies.'

I sincerely hope my readers will find this information very useful. I have found it to be very interesting and garlic is also one of my favourite herbs. I use it daily.

Thanks again!

Oct 09, 2016
How To Stop Toothache and Kill Germs In The Gums

The best treatment for toothache that will allow you to retain your tooth is using garlic juice. Crush the garlic and use a cotton wool to absorb its juice.

Then put the absorb cotton wool exactly at the affected tooth by clenching your tooth on it. Also, put the wet cotton wool to the gum where the affected tooth is located.

Immediately after you do this, the toothache will disappear. If after some minutes, the pain resurfaces, use the same above procedure or use it every twenty minutes for three days. On the third day, the pain should be gone.


1. The reason the pain resurfaces when you first start the procedure is because the germs are inside the gum and it requires the garlic juice to fully torch and kill the germs.

2. Be very careful when you are applying the cotton wool. Do not allow the garlic juice to come in contact with your mouth or your tongue because the juice can get very hot.

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