Top Eight Jamaican Omens

I grew up hearing all kinds of popular Jamaican omens and whilst I hesitated in believing some of these omens, for some persons, especially the elders of Jamaica, omens are real for them.

I remembered as a young girl, I opened my umbrella in the living room before I ventured in the rain and my grandmother was not too pleased about that. She said it was bad luck and I would never get married. I never opened another umbrella in the house whether it was so or not. I did get married.

I often wondered if medicinal herbs had anything to do with some of these Jamaican omens because they always intertwined with magical powers.

The following are the top eight popular Jamaicans omens I grew up hearing day after day.

1. If you opened an umbrella in the house, you will never get married.

2. Sudden knee pains mean rain is eminent.

3. If you catch a news bug, which is a species of beetles, and spit on it and then it falls to the ground, it is bad news but if it flies away, it is good news.

4. If the left eye jumps, you are going to cry

5. If the right eye jumps, you are going to get a visit from someone you have not seen in a long while.

6. If two fowls appear to be communicating with each other, someone will be coming to your home.

7. When you accidently dropped a drinking glass, a plate or even a framed picture and they broke, they are cutting destruction from the home.

8. When a healthy fowl suddenly dies, it takes the death of a family member.

There are many more which are too numerous to mention, but these are the top eight omens that I found to be quite popular among our folks.

Posted December 4, 2015

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