Treat Bug Bites With Herbs

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In the season of summer, we all have to suffer bug bites and stings. What an ordeal for us to bear? However, hope is not all lost. We can heal, soothe, prevent and treat bug bites with herbs in a natural way. As a matter of fact, some of the herbs that may be used to treat bug bites are grown right in our herbal garden. So they are right at your finger tips.

One of the herbs that may be used is plantain, also referred to as ribwort as well as pig's ear. It is easily found on lawns, playgrounds, driveways and also parks. There is the wide leaf plantain (Plantago majus) and there is also the narrow leaf plantain (Plantago lanceolata) as well as other species that are just right to treat bug bites.

Use the fresh plantain leaf to make a poultice by grinding it with the teeth and then place it on the bite. This action will immediately alleviate swelling, pain, itching, allergic reactions and even the heat that is associated with insect bites. If you are using other herbs that possess large leaves, a tape or bandage may be used to keep the poultice in place.

Poultices made from the leaves of other herbs that may be used are yarrow, yellow dock, comfrey, wild marrow, as well as chickweed. Just follow the same procedure as the plantain to treat insect and bug bites. Poultices are primary when it comes to natural application for bug and insect bites, especially bites from wasps and bees.

While you may chew on various leaves in case of emergency to make poultices for the bug bites, do not chew on leaves that you are not sure about. The above herbs are fairly safe to chew on and some of them like yarrow are even more effective than Deet repellent.

In the case of ticks, it is always wise to take an immediate shower to wash them away before they begin to bite.

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