Treating Body Lice Infestation With Herbs

Infestation of lice, which is also referred to as pediculosis can be a disaster to children as well as adults. These parasitic insects without wings spare no part of the body and hair, although they are commonly found on the head.

The most likely symptom of lice infestation is itching. Sometimes, the itching gets so severe that it can cause sores making the situation even more severe because these sores can become infected.

However, lice reside on the human body in areas such as the head or scalp, pubic and the body. As a child, I suffered with head lice at various times and I was properly treated by my grandmother and mother with various methods to get rid of them inclusive of herbal remedy.

Head lice, body lice and pubic lice are all contagious and therefore, you must avoid direct contact with persons who are infested with lice. Lice can be spread through clothing, combs, other items, body contact and other direct contacts. Do not sleep with an individual who is infested with lice.

Herbs such as neem, tea tree oil and cerasee can be used to eradicate lice and ease irritation cause from the itching. A tea made from neem and cerasee can be used to wash all affected areas. Tea tree oil can be used in the hair as well as rubbed on the entire body. These herbal methods should be used until lice are completely gone.

Also, shampoo made from gugo bark herb is very effective for head lice. Shampoo hair every day for one week with gugo bark shampoo and groom hair two times per day with fine teeth comb.

Another method is the use of vinegar. Eradicate lice eggs, also called nits by using hot vinegar to wet the hair approximately half hour before you shampoo. After shampoo, use fine teeth comb as well to detangle hair and to get rid of eggs.

A practice of good hygiene will prevent lice infestation. Also, hot baths and regular shampooing of hair will help abundantly.

It is very important to kill all nits or eggs and lice as soon as they are removed from the affected areas.

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