Treating Mental Illness with Medicinal Herbs

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By Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia:

By Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia:

Mental illness which is sometimes referred to as mental disorder and mania, affects thousands of people all over the globe. Some persons have resorted to taking medicinal herbs, searching for a safer and milder way to deal with this condition.

There are many sufferers who are walking around and are considered normal and who have not being diagnosed with mental illness. This eye opener is very frightening and steps should be taken to medically diagnosed these persons suffering with mental illnesses.

It is strongly believed that there are more people who suffer from mental illness than those persons who suffer from diabetes and cancer combined. I so believe this because many do not know the signs of mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) also discovered that a lot of persons know little or nothing at all concerning these signs.

Some people may only associate it with a person who is violent, agitated or boisterous and living on the streets, most of the times. I would encourage everyone to know the causes, symptoms or warning signs of mental illnesses. You might just be able to help someone who has been suffering for years with this ailment. A research showed that a whopping 84% of persons
showed interest in understanding the warning signs of mental illnesses.

Study confirms that mental illnesses originated from traumatic and distressing events, environment and genetic factor, as well as other damages and physical ailments. Medicinal herbs that can be used to aid mental illnesses are rosemary, vervain, valerian, skullcap, catnip, holy thistle, arnica and peppermint. These herbs are able to help prevent and treat Mental illnesses because they contain soothing and calming properties. They are also useful for those who are undergoing stress.

Some of the symptoms of mental illnesses are anxiety, extreme sadness and depression, unable to deal with problematic conditions, inability to follow and do daily activities, fluctuated levels of behavior, post-traumatic stress, and changes in sleeping and eating habits. When a person starts to hear, see and imagine things that are not real, then that person can be considered as having mental illness.

Rosemary herb is particular useful for mental illnesses. It is seen as a tonic that has the ability to strengthen a weakened body, bring clarity to the mind, and aid in physical stress. It is also very beneficial and calming on the stomach.

If you or anyone you know suffers with mental illness, make sure to visit your doctor.

October 10, 2014

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