Treating Nose Bleed Naturally

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Nose Bleed:

Nose Bleed:

Nose bleed, also referred to as epistaxis and nosebleed, is often treated naturally. This condition always remind me of my primary school days. The reason for this is because there were children in my class as well as children from other classes who at sometime or the other would suffer nose bleed. It was always a puzzle to me and a feeling of sympathy would rise within me for those children. The teachers would try to their very best by administering natural remedies to stop the nose bleed.

The causes of nose bleed may vary. It may be caused by accidental injury, from systemic disturbances or from a local disease. Diseases such as influenza, measles, pneumonia, whooping cough, scarlet fever, high blood pressure (hypertension), and diphtheria can cause nose bleed. However, whatever the cause might be it is very important to stop the bleeding.

Here is a list of natural ways to treat nosebleed:

1. Let the person sit in an erect position and then exhale through the mouth. Place ice to the nose, face, and the back of the neck for just few minutes. Cold compresses may also be used instead of ice.

2. If bleeding continues, squeeze the nose with thumb and finger. Maintain force for approximately five minutes or longer if bleeding continues.

3. Let the person be as calm as possible, and prevent him or her from blowing the nose.

4. Another simple but natural procedure is to stuff the nose with gauze and allow the person to exhale through the mouth.

5. Medicinal herbs that can also aid in naturally treating nose bleed are wild alum root, bayberry, blood root, white oak bark, witch hazel, bayberry, and buckthorn.

Make a tea of any of the above herb and soak cotton or gauze in the tea, making sure excessive liquid is drained, and used to stuff nose.

It is of utmost importance to contact a doctor if all of the above failed. Also, if nose bleed is frequent, it is also urgent that you contact your doctor.

October 14, 2014

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