Trumpet leaves have been used as herbal remedies in various countries

Trumpet leaf tea may be taken for Parkinson's disease.Trumpet Leaf

Trumpet leaves medicinal herbs

The trumpet tree (Cecropia peltata) is native to tropical America where it is referred to as embauba tree.  It is of the family, Urticaceae.  It is very common in Jamaica as well as Haiti, where it is known as trumpet tree. 

It can be found almost everywhere in Jamaica and it can become a nuisance as well.  I say this because when the leaves are dried, they are blown all over the place and can make the yard look very messy. 

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This can be added work that you can well do without because of the constant raking up of leaves.  It is however a very good tree to have around because of the medicinal benefits that can be derived from the leaves and other parts of the tree.

Many people are ignorant of this fact, but the elders are always knowledgeable of the medicinal benefits.  The common names of the trumpet tree are Wild pawpaw, Guarina, Embauba and Snakewood.

The Central American Indians utilized the trunk of trumpet tree as drums, which they referred to as amboobus.  These are used to relay messages in long distances. 

Some of the chemical compounds of the tree includes, lipids, flavonoids, alkaloids, resins, tannins, glycosides, stearic acid, ursolinic acid, cardenolides, triterpenes, polyphenols, as well as steroids.

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Health benefits of trumpet leaves

Trumpet leaf tea may be used as medicinal herb for Parkinson's disease as well as other nervous conditions.  The tea is also good to cleanse external sores that are associated with cancer and other insistent sores.

Other benefits of the tea include treatment for asthma, colds, flu, mucous congestion, diabetes, hemorrhaging as well as kidney conditions.  It can also aid in expelling the placenta after childbirth. 

Other parts of the trumpet tree may be used as medicinal herbs as well.  The sap may be used to make an ointment which is excellent for all kinds of skin ailments and the sap may also be used to make rubber.

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The tea of young shoots may be used as a treatment for whooping cough, fever, heart conditions as well as toothaches.

The inner buds can be steamed and eaten like vegetable.  It is deemed as very nutritious and may be cooked just like cabbage.


Use three cups of the trumpet tea daily for colds, asthma and flu.  Also, two cups daily of trumpet leaves tea may be taken for Parkinson's disease for a duration of three months.

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