Turpentine natural remedy for joint pain

Turpentine Soap

Turpentine Soap

Turpentine is a natural remedy for all joint pain and it has been around for a long time as a routine treatment. You can hardly find turpentine in households today but I grew up with it in my home like forever. It is a solution collected by the extraction of gum or resin acquired primarily from pine trees.

It would be like a sin not to have turpentine in any home, especially in the rural areas. My grandparents would go livid with it being missing. So every trip to the market would gain another bottle of this natural liquid along with medicinal herbs of course, to be used as home remedy.

The common names are Spirit of Turpentine, Oil of Turpentine, Pine Oil, and Wood Turpentine. Although it was mostly used for joint pain, especially arthritis, there were persons who used it to treat other ailments.

Other ailments that can be treated with turpentine or with turpentine oil are gas pains, intestinal spasms, sprained ankles, and intestinal colic. However, I have always seen the elderly folks used it externally, so I would not advise anyone to take it orally. Also, the frequency of using turpentine on the skin should be minimal. Utilize turpentine only when feeling pain.

Due to its antiseptic property and fresh smell, it can be found as ingredient in a lot of sanitary and cleaning products, such as soaps.

I was told that in the days of old, women who gave birth, sat on pails with steam rising from a combination of hot water and turpentine. This was a method was used to cleanse and refresh the vagina.

It is reported that the liquid may irritate the eyes and the skin. The powerful and continued smell of this liquid may also harm the respiratory system, including the lungs. Therefore, take due care when using turpentine as natural remedy.

Updated February 1, 2017

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