Using Apples And Prune Juices as a Remedy for Constipation

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Are you suffering from mild constipation or chronic constipation? Two effective methods may aid this condition and can bring relief. Although cayenne pepper is a good remedy, pear as well as apple juices can also be the answer to treat these types of constipation.

In regards to mild constipation combine the same amounts of pear and apple juice, then consume first thing in the morning and one hour prior to bedtime. It is much better to juice pears that are firm and for those that are ripe, blend without the seeds.

Pears contain vitamins and minerals. They also contain chemicals that will aid in cleansing the kidney, colon and also to rejuvenate the blood cells.

This one I have tried for chronic constipation and it was very successful. Be reminded that this method is for chronic constipation. Instead of solely drinking apple juice, you may stimulate your peristaltic movement with prune juice as well. Everyone probably knows that prunes are very effective when it comes to chronic constipation.

It is always best to use fresh and natural apple juice, so three to four glasses per day is good enough and to speed up the reaction of constipation, consume two glasses of the prune juice before eating breakfast.

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