Uva Ursi Medicinal Herb can Treat Headaches

Uva ursi is a good remedy for heavy menstrual bleeding, which is also referred to as menorrhagia.Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi

Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) medicinal herb, also called bearberry, is a plant that is located in cold, northern weather. It is native to northern and central Europe as well as Britain.   

It has red flowers as well as red berries, which is adored by certain animals, namely the bears. They love to consume the berries and in addition to that, most often the red berries ripen during autumn.

The dry leaves of this medicinal plant and natural herb are actually the main parts used as herbal medicine. It can also be found in the Asian countries and North America.  It is a perennial plant of the Ericaceae family.

The common names of this herb are Beargrape, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Bearberry, Bear berry, Arberry, Bear's grape, Kinnikinnick, Hog berry, Rock berry, Mealberry, Mountain cranberry, Upland cranberry, Universe vine, Mountain box and Sandberry.

It has a history of medicinal use as way back as the 2nd century, and it also has been used as herb and urinary antiseptic.

The medicinal properties are diuretic, astringent, tonic, diuretic, alterative, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anticatarrhal, antimicrobial as well as mucilaginous. 

It is noted as a medicinal herb for women due to the fact that it can treat conditions that often affect women.  The constituents are flavonoids, tannins, arbutin, hydroquinone and phenolic acid.

Health benefits of uva ursi herb

The infusion of it has a diuretic action therefore it is applied in inflammatory diseases pertaining to urinary tract infection, urethritis, nephritis, and cystitis.

The berries are deemed beneficial as a weight reduction treatment. Therefore, anyone can include it in their weight loss program.

It was additionally found beneficial for treating infections of most areas of the body due to its astringent property.

It is also useful in the treatment of digestive system as well as yeast infections.  It is a good remedy for diabetes, kidney and bladder ailments, bright's disease.  

This medicinal herb is also good treat other conditions like dysentery, hemorrhoids, spleen conditions.  Some women may be happy to hear that it can remedy heavy menstrual bleeding, which is also referred to as menorrhagia.

It is also a useful herb for the men because it may be used as an alternative medicine for prostate cancer.  It is also excellent to treat sores in the mouth of the womb.


In a pint of boiling water, steep one teaspoonful of the herb for thirty minutes.  Consume one cup full every four hours. 

It is also sold in capsule form, so one or two uva ursi capsules per day is the prescribed dosage.


Do not use this medicinal plant while pregnant since it may stimulate the uterus. Furthermore, avoid taking the herb for an extended time since it consists of high tannin content that can irritate the stomach.

It is able to reduce bleeding and also mucus formation within the urinary passages. It is not safe for children due to the fact that its potential result could possibly be exceedingly harsh to them.

In case you are afflicting with kidney disorders, it will be wise to take it while in the care of a health care professional who may have the knowledge of the effective uses of uva ursi and other medicinal herbs.

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