Vervain medicinal herb is one of God's most powerful plants for the healing of diseases

Vervain is popularly known to Jamaicans. It is grown almost everywhere and good remedy to purify the blood.Jamaican Vervain

Vervain (Verbena officinalis) medicinal herb also called verbena, is one of the best herbs amongst all the rest of plants and the whole plant can be used for medicine. It is classed amongst the sacred herbs and it continues to be associated with all-powerful and spiritual forces. 

It is said that it was called "tears of Isis" in Ancient Egypt and was later called "Juno's tears." It is a flowering perennial plant native to the United States and it is from the Verbenaceae family.

I love this plant very much.  I grew up seeing my elders using it quite often and after consuming it for myself, I now know why they loved it that much. 

It is easily identified with its long protruding stamen filled with clusters of blue flowers. There are also white and pink varieties.

Verbena is primarily supported by traditional use. Some of the common names are, Wild hyssop, Simpler's-joy, and Iron weed habitat.  Other common names are, Blue verbena, Traveler's joy, Indian hyssop as well as Purvain.

It was called "Holy Herb" or "Devil's bane" because folk legend declared that it was used to stop the flow of Jesus' blood after he was removed from the cross.

Folk legend also said it can protect people from vampires when it is mixed into herbal tea and it is kept nearby.

The medicinal properties of verbena medicinal herb are tonic, sudorific, expectorant, vulnerary, emetic, nervine, emmenagogue as well as vermifuge. The active constituents of this plant are verbenalin, ursolic-acid, citral, hastatoside, lupeol, adenosine, aucubin, citral, beta-carotene as well as caffeic-acid.

Vervain is popularly grown in Jamaica

In Jamaica this medicinal plant can be found almost everywhere and it is popularly known as the Jamaican vervain, which boasts some lovely purple flowers. I can recalled many of us referring to it as vervine herb.

We used it very often for all kind of ailments, including purifying of the blood. So it is an excellent blood purifier and my husband is always seen cutting these plants for present and future use.  It can be found almost everywhere in my yard.

Health benefits

From ancient times herbalists used this herb to ease childbirth, increase the flow of breast milk, jaundice, dropsy, gout, worms, stomach complaints, wound healing, ulcers and piles.

This medicinal herb is as a mild sedative. It is said to be a quieting herb that acts as a natural tranquilizer and has a relaxing effect. It is used a relief for stress, spiritual healing, spiritual growth and empowerment.

It is a natural herbal therapy for those suffering from numerous sleepless nights and are for those weakened by fatigue after a long day's work. Verbena can be used to strengthen the nervous system while relieving tension and stress, can ease depression and melancholy. 

It is a good treatment for the irritable bowel syndrome, colon and bladder conditions, symptoms of menopause as well as menstrual disorders. My grandmother would always say it is good to strengthen the heart.

According to Dr. Eve Campanelli, a blend of three remedies is good for people suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or colitis. 

People with this ailment have trouble expressing certain emotions, such as anger.  Therefore, she suggested the flower remedy/essence therapy of Cerato, to fight self-doubt, Gorse to combat hopelessness and vervain to quell anger.

The leaves have been used for centuries as a blood purifier.  Verbena is used  internally for nervous exhaustion, depression, convalescent debility, asthma, migraine, lupus, leukemia and jaundice.

The tea and its benefits

I love this herbal tea.  Unlike other herbs, the taste is very pleasant.  The leaves have been popularly used to make tea for the nerves and as a lotion for the eyes. The tea can also be applied to sores anywhere on the skin.

It is excellent to produce perspiration, excellent in fevers, colds, whooping cough, pneumonia, consumption, asthma, ague, female troubles, fibroid,  skin diseases and to lower high blood pressure.

Vervain can be used in equal parts with smartweed and peppermint leaves to treat appendicitis.

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