Violet Medicinal Herb is an Excellent Herbal Remedy for Symptoms of Menopause

Violet Medicinal herbViola Odorata

Violet (Viola odorata) medicinal herb is native to Europe, the British Isles as well as Asia.   This is a beautiful plant which is grown in many gardens for its beauty and ornamental purposes.   However,  It is also a perennial plant that is used as alternative herbal remedy for many years now.

It blooms beautiful purple flowers that can be used as herbal medicine.   The colour of the flowers can also be white, lilac or rose-colored.

This is another favourite of mine and yes, I have so many favourite herbs that sometimes I lost track because of the great passion I have for medicinal plants.  Thanks to my wonderful grandmother.

The entire plant may be used as remedy for various ailments.  There are over two hundred species in the family, but the one I am focusing on is the sweet scented plant which is from the Violaceae family.  

This one is very familiar with most people and it is also popularly used worldwide.  The flowers should be dried when they are used and the leaves and rest of plant, inclusive of the root,  should be fresh when they are used.

The medicinal properties are mucilaginous, laxative, depurative, expectorant, emetic, alterative, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, sedative, antioxidant as well as antiseptic. 

It is found mostly along roadsides, moist areas like wood forest and can be used as beautiful edges.

The common names are common Blue violet, Viola odorata, Veilchen, Zi Hua Di Ding and Sweet violet.  According to Culpepper it is in no way harmful. 

Some of its constituents are Viola-quercetin, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, mucilage, blue colouring substance as well as Salicylic acid. 

Health benefits of violet medicinal herb

The leaves are used to remedy and heal internal ulcers, tumors as well as cancer, including cancer of the tongue.  When combined with vervain and red clover it will be an excellent treatment for skin cancers as well as other skin ailments. 

This medicinal plant can also treat , depression, hysteria, gout, syphilis, urinary tract infection (UTI), sores, ulcers, colds, coughs including whooping coughs, sore throats, prostate conditions and rheumatism.

It can also treat inflammatory arthritis, jaundice, tuberculosis, scrofula, bronchitis, asthma, chest congestion and other respiratory conditions that are related to the lungs.  It is very good at cleansing the blood as well as treating insect bites.

When it is combined with black cohosh it is an excellent remedy for nervousness, irritability and epilepsy as well as insomnia. 

Many people suffer from migraine headaches.  Some are suffering for years.  However, this may be a solution to this ailment because this medicinal herb can alleviate migraine headaches and other painful headaches.  It is surely a small plant with lots of health benefits.

It is an ingredient in perfumes, lotions as well as syrups.  It is also used as a coloring flavor and it should because of its beautiful purple colour.  The tea made from the leaves is used to purify the blood and to heal inside ulcers.

Whatever form you may choose, they all have health benefits that will render the same natural healing. 

You may prefer the dried leaves, the extract, or even the essential oil.  You may even prefer the tea, but whatever way you may choose, this medicinal herb will greatly benefit your health.

If you are ailing with sore throat, candies made with this herb can now be purchased.  Just a reminder that it is a very good remedy for coughs.

Every kitchen cupboard should have this herb in addition to the others herbs.


A syrup which can be made from the flowers of violet plant may be used as a mild laxative.  There are liquid herbal extract that can be purchased in herbal shops. 

Make sure to follow the dosage guide.  Be reminded as well that the leaves may be used to make tea.  Boil violet flowers with a glass of milk and consume at nights.

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