The bark from the root of wahoo medicinal herb is used as natural herb remedies

Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus) is a tree that is currently used as a medicinal herb.   It was utilized as medicine by the pioneers as well as the American Indians.  It is not very popularly known among many individuals.  It may be classed as one of the rare herbs, on the herbs list and I know it must be very strange indeed. 

Some of my friends and relatives were ignorant of this plant when I told them about it. They were hearing about this medicinal plant for the very first time.

God has really created a lot of herbs for mankind to use, yet there are so many diseases that are still puzzling man. 

This is very weird really.  We should do more research to bring to light the medicinal benefits of these wonderful natural plants. 

It is native to the Eastern and Central United States and also Canada and the medicinal properties are expectorant, tonic, diuretic and also alterative, cholagogue as well as hepatic stimulant.

The bark, berries and trunk may also be used as herbal medicine and it is of the Celastraceae family.  Medicinally it is used in southeastern Canada and also the United States.

However, it has excellent health benefits that may be achieved for healthy living. It is more commonly known to people as a fish, which may stem from the fact that there is a scombrid fish by that name.  The name is also referred to as a medicinal plant.

The common names are Pegwood, Bitter Ash, Pig Wood, Bursting Heart, Spindle Tree, Fish Wood, Strawberry Tree, Strawberry Bush, Whahow, Indian Arrow Wood, Indian Root, Burning Bush as well, Indian Arrow as well as Euonymus atropurpureus.

Health benefits of wahoo medicinal herb

The health benefits include remedy for fevers, liver conditions, spleen ailments, dyspepsia, hepatitis and lung infections. It will also help to promote the free flow of bile. 

However, excessive use of this herb can result in extensive purgative reaction.  Therefore due care must be observed.

Some of its constituents are alkaloids as well as cardenolides. One of the substances is a resin which is known as euonymin and there are times it is extracted as powder and sold commercially to treat constipation.

Preparing the decoction is very easy.  Just put one ounce of wahoo powder in a pint of water and then boil together very slowly. Consume a small wineglass three times per day.

It is a good stimulant which will keep the body warm in cold times, especially in the winter season.  Those who are afraid of the cold may very well benefit greatly by this knowledge.


The reddish to pink fruit should be avoided as it is poisonous to human beings but edible to various birds.

Excessive use of this herb can affect the heart and the berries can harm children, so due care must be taken when using this medicinal herb.

Herbal supplements in the form of capsules, powder and tinctures are sold in stores. It would be therefore safer to purchase these wahoo supplements and carefully follow the instructions. 

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