Wasp stings herbs can soothe, heal and prevent infection

Custard Apple leaves are good to treat sprains and combined with other set of leaves can treat wasp stings.Custard Apple Leaves

Wasp Stings Herbs

Have you ever gotten stung by a wasp or bee? It is not a good experience.  It is horrible. I can relate because I have experienced wasp bite and my face was swollen for awhile.  This incident happened on my veranda. All I did was move a chair, not realizing that wasps had made a nest on the bottom of the chair.

So, if you get bitten by a wasp or bee, you are expecting in a short while that swelling will occur.  Although there are various methods to treat wasp stings, some of them are not easily accessible in an emergency situation. Therefore, for immediate effect and in order to avoid swelling do the following:

Wasp stings herbs remedies

  1. Get three leaves from three different plants. Crush them and use the liquid to rub over the bitten area.  This will prevent swelling.  This is a long time remedy that was used by my grandparents.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy as well. Dip a piece of cotton in the vinegar and apply to the affected area.  This will alleviate the burning sensation and pain which follow the sting.
  3. Cane vinegar which I believe many people have in their kitchen can also be used. Combine a little water with vinegar, then dip a piece of cloth in the mixture and use it to bathe the affected area.  This will alleviate burning and itching as well as it will disinfect the area.
  4. Basil is used to extract poisons from insect and snake bites.  Therefore, it should be good for wasp stings. Crush some of the basil leaves and use the liquid from the leaves to rub the affected area.
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See your doctor in case of serious allergic reactions

There are simple solutions which can ease the pain and minor swelling in no time. Another simple solution is baking soda which can eliminate the itching and swelling.

Although the above remedies are proven effective for some of us and we also see wasp stings as minor incidents, there are some persons who might experience serious allergic reactions.

Some of these symptoms are difficulty breathing, nausea, fever, dizziness, unusual swellings and any other allergic reactions, medical attention is needed.

In this case, even if you have tried wasp stings herbs, make sure to visit your doctor immediately to avoid further complications.

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