Weather Forecasting Using Medicinal Herbs

I grew up in a home where clocks and watches were rarely used. My family used trees, roosters, crows, rain, medicinal herbs, sun, clouds and moon to tell the time and forecasting of the weather.

Today, in the modern world, this is hardly done because of the popularity of clocks and watches which can now be found on almost every electronic gadget. Also, the weather forecasting on various media, inclusive of radio and television, has grown rapidly.

However, there are persons who continue to use these methods to tell the time as well as forecasting the weather. There are times I still do.

There are medicinal herbs that are used to forecast the weather.

1. If chicory herb opens at 7 a.m. and closes at noon, then look out for rain.

2. A sure sign of bad weather is when red pimpernel closes.

3. Daisy closes at sunset and opens at sunrise.

4. If the pimpernel flowers closes at daytime, then rain is imminent.

5. When the African marigold stays closed after 8 a.m. or closed before 5 p.m., then look out for rain.

Other natural ways of forecasting the weather.

1. A ring around the moon or sun means a storm is approaching.

2. A good weather is when spiders spin their webs on the outside.

3. If smoke goes straight up in the sky, look for a clear weather.

4. When crows are grouped together and hover above your home, it means rain.

5. When cats wash their faces look out for good weather.

Weather forecasting using medicinal herbs is a tradition that I hope will continue amidst the continued promotion of technology.

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