What are Herbs? Medicinal Plants and Nature's Remedies

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What are herbs is a question asked by many individuals with the hope of receiving an answer.

However, medicinal herbs are any non-woody seed-bearing plants and or plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers that are used for flavour, food, medicine as well as scent. They also can be termed culinary, medicinal, spices and herbs and they also possess cosmetic values.

All about medicinal plants are in connection with alternative herbal medicines.  They can cure and heal all ailments of the body.

In years gone by, almost all medicines were made from medicinal herbs.  As a matter of fact many synthetic medicines are derived from herbs. 

Primitive people continuously searched for plants that could make them sleep, those that could keep them awake, plants that helped to heal sunburned skin, plants to heal stomach problems and plants for lots more ailments.  They were very much satisfied of their findings.

By trial and error man discovered what plants are best for us and those that can hurt us.  

However,  we cannot avoid the involvement of the Bible which has helped us in discovering the use of medicinal herbs as well as culinary herbs and of course which is sanctioned by God Himself.

Medicinal herbs have a season

They all have a season. There is a time when they grow and there is a time when they bloom. There is also a time when they bring forth fruits.

There is a time when they are reaped and utilized for their full potential in nutrition and medicine.  What are herbs continue to open and chart well needed information for its users for medicinal benefits.

They can be reaped and consumed in their natural state, in other words, some may be used naturally raw. They can also be crushed as well as consumed as herbal teas or else grounded into a powder then put in capsules and or tablets.

They may be concentrated simply by mixing along with alcohol, vinegar or alternatively water and may be made into ointments as well as poultices with regard to uses on the skin surface.

What are herbs? This age old question might be complexed to some individuals, but to those of us who utilize them frequently will not have it hard to answer this question.

Medicinal herbs were used by the Saxon Invaders

The Saxon invaders often used many of the herbs we so freely used today. They used dandelion, burdock, comfrey, nettle and many other herbs. They made full use of these as herbal medicine for their healing of various ailments.

They grew their own herb garden and taught their children, especially the girls, the name and purpose of each herb. If we were to ask these children, what are herbs? They would have already acquired the answers.  I wonder if we could do the same with our children today so they can avoid eating junk food.

This was their main source of natural healing. The Saxon invaders remind me of my own people who made sure to open up our knowledge about God's creation, and the plants that He has given to men to use.

Benefits and types of herbs - What are herbs

There are perennial herbs, annual herbs, ornamental herbs as well as biennial herbs and they are all God's gift for us to use in whichever way best suits us and primarily, to combat the thousands of ailments that affect us each day. 

Their benefits are to aid and heal us naturally without side effects. There are so many ways to utilize medicinal herbs, and one way that many individuals have practiced for centuries now, is cooking with herbs.

This question will be asked even a thousand years from now and the answer will remain the same for all herb-minded people. The answer being, there are herbal remedies to thousands of people who had given up hope for a cure of their sicknesses and diseases.  Will we continue to ask what are herbs? I hope not.

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Updated February 28, 2020


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