White clover medicinal herb combined with yellow dock is an effective salve for the skin 

White clover medicinal herb is a good remedy to purify the blood.Trifolium Repens

White clover (Trifolium repens) medicinal herb is a perennial and herbaceous plant that is native to North Africa, West Asia, North America and Europe and it is very similar to red clover plant. 

It is from the Fabaceae family and the common names are Dutch clover, White shamrock, Whiteclover and Shamrock.  

The main part used as herbal medicine are the blossoms.  However, the leaves, seeds and the root may also be used for medicine.  The medicinal properties are depurative, tonic and detergent.

It was utilized for centuries as medicine for various ailments by native Americans including the Cherokee, Mohegan as well as the Iroquois tribes. 

It is often found by the waysides and in fields where animals grazed.  It makes a great crop for livestock.

Its constituents include an abundant amount of protein, genistein, minerals and vitamins including vitamins A, B and C.

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It is loved by deer

Deer love to eat clover.  It does not matter whether it is white or red clover, the deer just enjoy these plants. 

From one seeding, this can grow to approximately five years long yielding lots of nutritious meals for the animals.  As mentioned before these clovers contain an abundance of protein. 

It may be planted by farmers who see the need to feed their animals from this plant.  Therefore, seeds are sold in various stores for easy access.  These seeds are sometimes combined with red clover, alfalfa, brassica as well as rye grass for the animals.

Health benefits of white clover medicinal herb

It is a good alternative medicine for fevers, Bright's disease, colds, flu, eye ailments and for consistent coughing. 

They are used traditionally to cleanse the whole system. It is a good remedy to purify the blood and to treat boils, ulcers, gout, abscess and menstrual conditions.

Also, leucorrhoea (whitish discharge from the genitals of females), rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, scrofula and other skin diseases.

On the culinary side, the leaves may be used as salad and white clover seeds may be parched and grounded to be used as desired. 

It is safer however to boil the leaves instead of consuming it raw because the leaves are more digestible if they are boiled for about ten minutes the most.

If you are thinking of adding the leaves to your soup, then it is advisable to reap the leaves before it blossoms. 

The seed pods as well as the flower heads that are dried can be beaten into flour which is highly nutritious.  The flour can also be used used in other ways such as sprinkling it on cooked rice as well as steeping it in herbal tea.

Use the blossoms or leaves to make the tea.  Place half cup of dried blossom or leaves in boiling water and allowed to stay for up to fifteen minutes.  Sweeten white clover tea with honey or brown sugar.

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