White oak bark is beneficial in treating chronic diarrhea and dysentery

White Oak bark was once used to prevent miscarriage.Quercus Robur

White oak bark (Quercus robur) medicinal herb is the bark taken from the oak trees which are native to England as well as North America. It is a perennial plant and is currently widespread in Europe and Asia.  It is the state tree of Connecticut and it is of the family, Fagaceae.

It is an important history of native American herbal medicine due to the fact that it was used for running belly, hemorrhoids or piles and also to treat wounds.

The healing benefits are derived from the bark of the oak tree.  God has provided so many herbs for us to use and we continue to refuse to use the one thing that seems to be the answer to every ailment that you can think about. 

I firmly believe that the answer to our woes, lies within these medicinal herbs.

This is a potent and natural remedy that has been renown for hundred of years and it possesses many helpful uses for individuals who are suffering from various ailments especially for those who required to be healed naturally


In days of yore, healing naturally was the most important thing on people's mind and this was paramount because there were hardly any doctors around and this practice was very successful.

The common names for the herb are White oak, Tanner's bark, Royal defender, English oak, Common oak, Green oak, Red oak, Oak bark, Stave oak, Tanners oak and Black oak. 

The medicinal properties are antiviral, digestive, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antioxidant.

The constituents of oak bark are tannin, glucose, quercetin, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, calcium and magnesium. 

Health benefits of white oak bark medicinal herb

The benefits of oak bark are many and it is used to treat ailments such as hemorrhoids, fibroid, hemorrhages, menstrual problems, varicose veins and sore throat. 

It is also good for fever, pinworms, ring worms, gonorrhea, mucous discharges as well as sinusitis. 

As for fibroid, which is so common among woman today, this natural remedy is most welcome.

The bark of white oak contains very strong astringent properties which may be used externally as well as internally.

It can be ground to a fine powder and inhaled freely to treat tuberculosis.  Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that primarily attacks the lungs.

Oak bark was once used to prevent miscarriage and it may still be used due to the fact that this condition is very prevalent today. 

It is also a good remedy for eczema and other skin conditions such as inflammation.


A decoction may be made from one ounce of this bark in a quart of water.  Boiled down to a pint and consume six ounces as a dosage. This amount is equal to a wine glass.

This decoction has been used to gargle chronic sore throat. It can also be used externally as a bath or by applying white oak bark decoction to bleeding gums and piles as well as diaper rash. 

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 Updated February 28, 2020


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