Whitening Teeth With Home Remedies

Some people do not have the time nor the money to go for a teeth makeover in order to produce a great smile. Also, you can save by avoiding numerous teeth bleaching and teeth whitening products. Those who cannot afford it can always depend on home remedies to whiten teeth which is the next option that will cost you little or nothing and this can be very relaxing in the comfort of your own home. I am looking at a very inexpensive setting when it comes to whitening teeth with home remedies.

At home, we can make our own teeth whitening remedy with common items right there in our pantry and also in our medicine cabinet that can bring out that beautiful and radiant smile. Items that you will need for homemade teeth whitening are spoons, bowls, cups, hydrogen peroxide as well as baking soda. These are things that most of us have acquired in our homes. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will make a wonderful paste to whiten teeth.

Method of making paste: Combine two teaspoonfuls baking soda and three teaspoonfuls hydrogen peroxide in small bowl. Ensure that the thickness of this mixture is similar to the thickness of toothpaste. To make it more fancy and tasteful, you may add a small amount of mint or perhaps a bit of minty toothpaste. Then use a toothbrush to brush on the mixture on the teeth, letting it stay for a few minutes. This home remedy may be done once per week. Do not swallow the paste but if perhaps that occurs, just drink plenty of water. Smokers and heavy coffee drinkers may use this method two times per week to get rid of stains on the teeth.

If you are suffering from cavities, mouth sores, gingivitis and any other other gum conditions make sure to consult your dentist or doctor before using this homemade teeth whitening solution.

Updated December 5, 2019

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