Wild Black Cherry medicinal herb is a Common Ingredient in Cold Medicines

Wild black cherry juice is an excellent alternative remedy for arthritis and other joint related problems.Prunus Serotina

Wild Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) medicinal herb which is also called wild cherry is of the Rosaceae family and it is native to North America, Asia as well as Canada.  It is a very important plant in the herbal kingdom. The main parts used as herbal medicine are the bark, root, leaves and branches.

The common names of this plant are Black cherry, Black choke, Rub cherry, Cabana cherry, Virginia prune, Choke cherry, Chokecherry, Wild cherry, Wild cherry bark, Prunus serotina as well as Rum cherry bark.

The medicinal properties of wild cherry are astringent, expectorant, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, digestive, antiviral, carminative, aromatic, tonic, pectoral, sedative, and stimulant.

The constituents are tannins, potassium, calcium, fat, starch, volatile oil, iron, hydrocyanic acid, eudesmic acid, prunasin, benzaldehyde as well as coumarins.

Health benefits of wild black cherry

Although the root, leaves and branches are used as herbal medicine, the main part used however, is the inner bark.  

It is very effective and seen as a natural herbal remedy in the treatment of fevers, asthma, high blood pressure, stomach ailments, whooping coughs, and dyspepsia.

It is also good for poor digestion, gastritis, diarrhea, dysentery, nervousness, influenza as well as tuberculosis and other bronchial conditions.

Therefore the individuals who are suffering with these ailments should have some of this medicinal plant nearby for easy access.

The juice is an excellent alternative remedy for arthritis and other joint related problems. Do you trouble with joint pains? Then this is just the juice to consume for such ailments.

The juice is packed with antioxidants and it is also excellent for inflammation and gout. The leaves are not to be left out because they may also be used as herbal medicine.

Wild black cherry juice should not be hard to get because it is sold in herbal shops and supermarkets worldwide. Anybody is free to purchase it and have it in their possession for easy access.

The culinary side

On the culinary side, wild cherry is excellent for making jellies, jams, wines as well as cherry pies and it is also used as a garnish for cocktails.   Wild cherry can also be used as an ingredient in black forest cakes.


Infuse one teaspoonful of the bark to one of cup boiling water and then take one cup for cold condition and it should be taken cold. 

A mouthful at a time during the day is much better. Taking herb this way is much more effective.

Do Not Boil The Bark!

It is advisable that the bark should not be boiled and this instruction must be obeyed at all cost.

It is suggested that It is much better to get the powdered bark and steep one teaspoonful in a cup of hot water and then take one and half teaspoonful of this extract when it is needed.

Too much consumption of this herb can cause damage to the body, so consume wild black cherry in minimal proportions.

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Updated February 28, 2020


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