Wild herbs can survive on their own

John Charles Herb

Wild herbs are everywhere in my yard and everybody who comes around is constantly captivated about the measure of therapeutic herbs I have. Some I found by coincidence and I am ecstatic about these treasures. Some can be eaten while others are used as herbal or bush tea.

The caretaker who cuts the lawn grass and trimming of trees on the property is continually finding different medicinal plants. He knows them like a well read book. He can tell the names of every herb and what they are utilized for. In this way, I remain close to him whenever he comes to do his work so as to become familiar with all these inherent plants. 

Individuals from my community take it as a delight to stop by for some of these wild herbs that they probably would not have in their yards. However, there are many who also possess these plants in and around their homes.  These herbs are also on the roadways and in the bushes.

Whether at church, on the buses or some social gathering, the topic of using these herbs are always on the lips of various persons. From one ailment to another, testimonies are given of complete healing from these wild herbs.

My Top Eleven Wild Herbs

Some of the herbs I have in my yard are Jack in the bush, wild basil, vervain, susumber, John Charles, dandelion, periwinkle, cerasee, quaco leaves, leaf of life, and shama macka

Some of these herbs I grew up with and my mom and grandma utilized them to the fullest. They ensured we used them for each ailment, major and minor. Today, we are grown men and women, and we are still dependent on these herbs.

My mom birth five of us, two girls and three boys. We are still alive today, and we are presently passing the baton to our children for them to carry on the herbal legacy. Two of my siblings do not eat meat and they look a lot more youthful than their age. 

Health benefits 

There are so many health benefits that can be derived from these medicinal herbs. They can treat a cold, flu, nerves conditions, queasiness, respiratory conditions. They can also give a natural detox and wash out. Wild herbs are everywhere. Maybe some can be found in your area.

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