Yellow Dock Medicinal Herb can Energize the Entire System

Yellow dock medicinal herb can treat sexual transmitted diseases.Rumex Crispus

Yellow dock (Rumex crispus) medicinal herb is a plant that can be used as a wild leaf vegetable and it is a blood purifier.  It is native to Western Asia as well as Europe and it is a perennial flowering herb of the Polygonaceae family.  

It was commonly adopted in North America and where it was utilized abundantly by native Americans.  Although there are many species of dock herbs, this one is commonly used as an herb for diseases.

The leaves are an excellent source of both vitamin A and protein, and are rich in iron and potassium.

It is also called Garden Patience and Rumex.   Other common names are Rumex crispus, Sheep sorrel, Broad-leaved dock, Curled dock, Curly dock, Sour dock, Field dock, Yellowdock and Narrow dock. 

It can be made into tea and also used as a decoction.  It can be gotten in capsule forms.  The medicinal properties of the root are astringent, tonic, laxative, alterative, depurative, purgative, and cholagogue.

Health benefits yellow dock herb

This medicinal plant is an excellent herbal remedy for impure blood, bacterial infections, scrofula, glandular tumors, swellings, leprosy, cancer, sore eyes, syphilis (and other sexual transmitted diseases), and hemorrhoids.

It also aids in skin disorders such as, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases as well as running ears.

This medicinal herb is considered a highly effective blood cleanser and is used by herbalists to assist the body in eliminating heavy metals and to treat other hepatic disorders. 

Many people use it just for the purpose of purifying the blood and thereby getting rid of toxins that are built up in the body.  It is also a good remedy to treat sickle cell anemia.

It is an herb that will promote the flow of bile and it has an active effect on the bowel, and may ease cases of constipation, digestive problems, and liver diseases. It may also be used as a toothpaste.

The young leaves of yellow dock medicinal herb should be boiled in several changes of water to remove as much of the oxalic acid in the leaves as possible, or it can be added directly to salads in moderate amounts.

Yellow dock herbal ointment

It makes an excellent herbal ointment for itches and sores and for glandular tumors and swellings.  An application of fomentation wrung from the hot tea can be very beneficial as well.

It contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, and phosphorus and tannin which can be used in tanning leather. Since it is high in tannin content, it should be taken only every other week. 

Other constituents of this medicinal herb are manganese, potassium oxalate, rumicin as well as chrysarobin.

Dosage preparations

According to, the tea is prepared by boiling 1-2 tsp (5-10 g) of the root in 500 ml (2 cups) water for 10 minutes. Syrup is made by boiling 0.5 lb of crushed root in a pint of syrup.

The dried extracts are also prepared as pills or capsules, and are available commercially. These commercial preparations are often a mixture of several different types of herbs.

The directions on the label of any commercial product of this medicinal herb should be followed for recommended dosages.

An excellent herbal combination to treat acne includes herbal extracts such as sarsaparilla, burdockcleavers along with curl dock. 

These medicinal herbs are very effective in cleansing the lymph and the blood.  Half of a teaspoonful three times per day will help in preventing acne.

Do not use yellow dock medicinal herb during pregnancy.

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Updated February 28, 2020


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