You Are What You Eat

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This a very common saying in every country, "You are what you eat." I have come to believe it as well. Scientific dietary research has discovered that there are fourteen various nutrient dense food that can promote and enhance an excellent comprehensive health for everyone. They are referred to as "super-foods" because they contained vast amount of minerals and vitamins, less calories as well as numerous antioxidants to combat diseases more than other foods.

The fourteen super foods that they referred to are berries, such as blueberries, beans (legumes), broccoli, nuts, green tea, pumpkin, oranges, soy, salmon, spinach, turkey, tomatoes, yogurt as well as oats and whole grains. Eating these foods can fight ailments such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), Alzheimer's disease, as well as various types of cancer.

You are what you eat could be seen in a positive way when these fourteen super foods are consumed which will be a big start towards having a complete healthy system. Consuming these foods as your basic balance diet, can help you save big cash because you will not have to join programs and live in the doctor's office to acquire good health.

The side effects of an unbalanced diet are numerous which include mood swings, low energy levels, weight change, tiredness most of the time, depression, low esteem and the list goes on. Maintaining development and growth, the tissues of the body, functions of the nervous and brain system, muscle and bone systems are very crucial and so highlight the importance of a balance diet which will greatly aid in these growths and development.

If a balance diet is ignored, then malnutrition is very possible. The symptoms of malnutrition are loss of energy, getting angry very easily, a depleted immune system and a weakened mineral consumption which can result in anemia. To make sure that "you are what you eat" stays positive on our side let us begin to nourish our bodies with these super-foods that will replenished and energized our minds, bodies and spirits. I would love to add edible herbs as well and other nutritious, fresh and healthy foods which you can search for.

Stop feed your system with junk foods and prepackaged foods and make the term, "you are what you eat" stands out in a good way with an healthy body. Yes super-foods can help to cure ailments and replenish the whole body. Happy eating everyone.

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